14-18 : the Great War
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the Great War

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illustrations Jérôme Phalippou | colours Claire Dumas | historic consultant Jean-Pierre Verney | English translation Heather Inglis

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The Great War

1914... The most terrible and cruel conflict in history had just begun. It caused the death of over 18 million soldiers.

When he was still a child, Ulysse saw both his father and his brother leave their bright country home to head for the dark and dismal war zone in eastern France.

A conflict that was to be short-lived, finally dragged out over four long years, depriving the young boy of this childhood, transforming him into a soldier, ready to fall in the field of honour for his fatherland...

Du même auteur : Jérôme Eho

Du même auteur : Jérôme Phalippou