Book practices & textual itineraries. Volume 4, From text(s) to book(s)
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From text(s) to book(s)

studies in production and editorial processes
Book practices & textual itineraries. Volume 4

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Collection(s) : Regards croisés sur le monde anglophone

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publié sous la direction de l'Equipe d'accueil IDEA, Interdisciplinarité dans les études anglophones, Université de Lorraine

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Regards croisés sur le monde anglophone

This series, entitled « Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the English-speaking World », examines the theoretical and practical crossover between fields and disciplines, as well as their methods, concepts and analytical tools, concerning the evolution of English studies in France, where interdisciplinarity has grovm increasingly prominent in academic discourse but has rarely itself been the object of inquiry.

From Text(s) to Book(s) : Studies in Production and Editorial Processes

Working outward from the path traced by Hubert Nyssen in Du texte au livre, les avatars du sens, the essays collected in this volume examine the process by which texts are embodied in forms that give them the appearance of completion and finality. The passage from fluid, provisional textual states to the apparent solidity of the published book is explored in the light of recent developments in textual scholarship. By engaging with archival records, with questions specific to periodical and serial publications and author-publisher interactions, the contributors to this volume call into question certain widely held assumptions about the processes through which texts become books. They present the relation between text and book as ultimately less straightforward than the one proposed by Nyssen. Instead, they seek to transcend the linear progress from text to book, establishing more dynamic connections between the multiple material states in which a given work or document has exited over the course of its history.

Book Practices et Textual Itineraries is a series of peer-reviewed book-length publications devoted to the study
of book history and textual scholarship. It traces evolutions in the production, transmission and reception of books and texts over time and across cultural and disciplinary boundaries. It likewise examines new practices that are developing in response to the acceleration of textual production and exchange provoked by electronic media, and considers their significance for the editing and interpretation of literary works. Published at the Université de Lorraine, with an international editorial advisory board, the series aims to facilitate dialogue on book history and textual scholarship between scholars from France, Europe and the English-speaking world.
Contributions explorant les frontières et les transitions entre le texte et le livre. Les divers processus textuels et éditoriaux sont passés en revue, de l'écriture au livre, analysant les manières dont le contenu et la forme interagissent tout au long de la production sous l'effet des différentes influences humaines, sociales, matérielles et idéologiques. ©Electre 2020
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