Book practices & textual itineraries. Volume 5, Illustration and intermedial avenues
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Illustration and intermedial avenues

Book practices & textual itineraries. Volume 5

chez PUN-Editions universitaires de Lorraine

Collection(s) : Regards croisés sur le monde anglophone

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publié sous la direction de l'Equipe d'accueil Interdisciplinarité dans les études anglophones, Université de Lorraine

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This series, entitled « Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the English-speaking World », examines the theoretical and practical crossover between
fields and disciplines, as well as their methods, concepts and analytical tools, concerning the evolution of English studies in France, where
interdisciplinarity has grown increasingly prominent in academic discourse but has rarely itself been the object of inquiry.

Illustration and Intermedial Avenues

This volume contains nine original articles by artists and researchers who offer a variety of
perspectives on illustration from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century. This selection is the
result of the research work carried out by Illustr4tio, a French interdisciplinary network devoted
to expanding the field of Illustration Studies worldwide and to bringing together illustrators,
printmakers, publishers, curators, collectors and academics who have a common interest in
illustration. It offers a wide spectrum of stances and practices which highlight the intermedial
dimension of the illustrative image. The topics under consideration range from the illustrator's and
reader's investigation of and bodily involvement with a literary text to the aesthetic, commercial
and technical constraints that shape the illustrator's work - as well as its reception - and define his
or her object and status. The collection offers insight into a specific case of intermedial transaction
and throws light on the dialogic relationship between text and image, writer or patron and artist,
and more broadly between readers, texts and books.

Book Practices and Textual Itineraries is a series of peer-reviewed book-length publications devoted to the study
of book history and textual scholarship. It traces evolutions in the production, transmission and reception of
books and texts over time and across cultural and disciplinary boundaries. It likewise examines new practices
that are developing in response to the acceleration of textual production and exchange provoked by electronic
media, and considers their significance for the editing and interpretation of literary works. Published at the
Université de Lorraine, with an international editorial advisory board, the series aims at facilitating dialogue on
book history and textual scholarship between scholars from France, Europe and the English-speaking world.
Neuf études sur l'illustration du livre dans le domaine anglophone depuis le XIXe siècle. Elles analysent les conditions de production des images, les rapports de leurs créateurs avec les responsables d'édition. Notamment : les illustrations de "Finnegans Wake" par S. Crowe (2009), la série sur la Terre sainte et l'Egypte de David Roberts, l'illustration de Poe de Manet à Redon. ©Electre 2019
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