C'est si bon...
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C'est si bon...

Paris by night


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recipes by chef Philippe Legendre | photography by Thomas Dhellemmes | illustrations Catherine Pioli

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We arrive back in Paris after a long journey, our hearts pounding... the Eiffel Tower has just appeared in the distance, sparkling with a million lights.

How good it feels to see the capital again and feel that we could never get tired of its beauty ! Paris has the gift of surprising us and filling our heads with dreams. The familiar monuments pass before our shining eyes : the Arc de Triomphe, the Place de la Concorde, the Jardin des Tuileries, the splendors of the Louvre and on the other bank, the Musée d'Orsay, the majestic Conciergerie, and the Ile Saint-Louis. How could we resist ?

Strolling at a leisurely pace, crossing the bridges hand in hand, watching the bateaux mouches gliding along the Seine, imagining all those couples in love who have come from far and wide to have dinner together.

One thought leads to another, we wind our arms around each other and we both feel the same urge to experience the atmosphere of the bistros again, with their moleskin seats, mirrors and engraved slates, the ceaseless ballet of the waiters in their black waistcoats and white aprons - with or without mustache - and all those dishes we have missed so much. Onion soup with cheese, Chateaubriand with green pepper, rum babas...

C'est si bon ...Paris by night, by Béatrice Cointreau

The perfect Paris souvenir book to enjoy without moderation !

Imagined and written by Béatrice Cointreau

Already published with « Sens et Quintessence », you will share her love and passion for Paris, paired with beautiful photos and drawings. International entrepreneur, she now lives between California and France. After managing as CEO et MD a Champagne and a Cognac companies for nearly 25 years, she is owner of Malibu BelleView Estate.

This book is illustrated with beautiful picture by Thomas Delhemmes, a famous photographer has worked with many French houses of the luxury industry.

Philippe Legendre, twice the winner of three Michelin stars at Taillevent and George V Palace, has created recipes for everyone.

Whereas Catherine Pioli drew a Parisian in every simple place of Paris, her heart pounding with love, passion and more...

Enjoy a delightful visit to Paris, its bistros and brasseries with the exquisite background of Ile Saint-Louis, the Pont des Arts and much more.
Une promenade de souvenirs de passions, de rencontres, de bons vins et de bons restaurants à travers récits, photos, illustrations et recettes : l'art de vivre à la parisienne. ©Electre 2019
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ISBN : 978-2-9526239-9-5
EAN : 9782952623995

Du même auteur : Béatrice Cointreau