Developments in mediation, current challenges and the role of Romed
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Developments in mediation, current challenges and the role of Romed

training programme for Roma mediators


chez Conseil de l'Europe

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The training programme for Roma mediators, launched in 2011, is unique in terms
of the fundamental effects it produces, both in Europe at large and in the 47 member
states of the Council of Europe.

This work sets out to contextualise the initiatives taken, highlight their utility and
evaluate them. It is intended to provide guidance for the programme leaders,
enable active participants - trainers, mediators, employers and others - to see their
efforts as part of an overall scheme, help policy makers to take the right decisions
and describe and explain the operation to a broader audience.

The programme's activities concerning Roma are a model for positive action. They
make an effective contribution to European co-operation, action to combat discrimination
and marginalisation and the search for ways to improve difficult situations.
ROMED therefore helps to fuel the development of intercultural policies capable of
managing present-day societies, of which diversity and pluralism are the hallmarks.
Présentation du programme de formation de médiateurs roms lancé en 2011 par le Conseil de l'Europe. ©Electre 2019
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