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recipes from Ireland


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photography Deirdre Rooney | styling Trish Deseine

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In home : Recipes from Ireland, Trish Deseine re-visits classic recipes from her childhood which have shaped her tastes and her cookery, and invents many others, dismissing once and for all the clichés about Irish food. Accompanied by sumptuous photography reflecting the special atmosphere of the Emerald Isle, Home is an emotional culinary tour which takes a fresh look at traditional Irish ingredients like oats, kale, cream, apples, bacon and bread. Home presents a new generation of Irish food producers as well as some of Trish's favourite Irish chefs.


Trish Deseine is originally from Ireland and has been living in France for 25 years. Since being approached by Hachette to write her first cookbook, Petits Plats entre Amis in 2000, her unabashed love of eating and cooking, with a penchant for chocolate, has made her one of France and Ireland's best loved food writers.