Italian phrasebook
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Format : Broché
Nb de pages : X-197 pages
Poids : 110 g
Dimensions : 11cm X 15cm
Date de parution :
ISBN : 978-2-7005-0433-0
EAN : 9782700504330

Italian phrasebook


chez Assimil

Collection(s) : Assimil on the road

Paru le | Broché X-197 pages

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adapted by Rita Nammour-Wardini | illustrated by J.-L. Goussé

Quatrième de couverture

- How do you say...

Sorry !

... to the left

What is your name ?

Cheers !

Welcome to Italy

This original, easy-to-use phrasebook contains :

  • a grammar section that introduces you to the basic structures of Italian so that you can build your own sentences
  • a conversation section with essential vocabulary and useful phrases and expressions, divided into 70 topics to help you communicate easily
  • a dictionary with more than 2,000 words
  • phonetic pronunciation of all the words and phrases in the book