Marketing : 10 case studies : case studies with solutions
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10 case studies
case studies with solutions

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Renault, Samsung, Lacoste... This book provides opportunities to discover a selection of issues recently faced by 10 major French companies.

Each case offers in a clear and structured manner:

  • a case presentation sheet including the problem statement, learning objectives, as well as the main themes and marketing tools used throughout the case;
  • a narrative reviewing important information about the company and its environment, leading to the problem to be investigated;
  • a series of questions guiding the draft of a structured solution;
  • a detailed solution outlining the main strategic recommendations.

Based on real issues and written in collaboration with the companies, the 10 field-based case studies allow applying marketing principles, theories and models: segmentation, positioning, marketing plan, as well as designing strategies at the product, price, place and promotion levels.

Learning by doing, applied to marketing!

Target audience:

  • Business schools and universities students reading a marketing or strategy degree.
  • 2 years University Diplomas in Marketing.
  • Graduate and Professional training.


Claire Garcia, associate Professor, Co-Head of Marketing at the ESG Management School, Paris. Lecturer in Marketing, she has published twenty case studies over the last two years in France (CCMP Paris) and in the UK (ECCH).

Jean-Louis Martinez, associate Professor at the ESG Management School, Paris. Former sales and marketing director in the B to B industry he is nowadays, a consultant in sales and marketing strategy for SMEs. He has published over 150 case studies in France (CCMP Paris) and in Britain (ECCH). He is the winner of the 2010 Case Study Competition organised by the CCMP, Paris.