New exhibition design
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Format : Relié sous jaquette
Nb de pages : 298 pages
Poids : 2264 g
Dimensions : 29cm X 29cm
Date de parution :
ISBN : 978-84-96969-72-8
EAN : 9788496969728

New exhibition design


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This book features a comprehensive selection of trade show stands created by outstanding international architects and designers, who have transformed this extraordinary face of retail design into a fully-fledged art. Each one of the projects included in this volume has been carefully chosen according to a criterion of originality, creativity and innovation.

Full-color glossy photographs, rigorous graphic documentation, and explanations by the authors themselves accompany the selected stands. All of this, combined with detailed descriptions of how the design processes developed, make this work an exciting and essential tool for architects, designers and students, as well as for all professionals wishing to extend their knowledge in the field of retail space design and the architecture of trade show stands.

Du même auteur : Jacobo Krauel