Nudge management : applying behavioral science to boost well-being, engagement and performance at work
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Nudge management

applying behavioral science to boost well-being, engagement and performance at work


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foreword by Cass R. Sunstein, preface by Pierre Chandon | translated from French by Ruth Simpson

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Nudge management

Applying Behavioral Science to boost well-being, engagement and performance at work

How can you boost your employees' engagement and promote a positive team spirit ? How can you establish a physical and mental atmosphere in the workplace that generates well-being and ensures managers make good decisions ? How can you make your company more efficient ?

Drawing on the latest research in Behavioral Science, this book will help you improve your understanding of what really makes us do what we do at work. It will help you make better decisions, and give you the tools to build a physical and psychological environment that will benefit your company. Little Nudges can make big differences.

The first part of the book takes a look at what we've learned about human reactions from findings in Behavioral Science, and how they can be used to pinpoint what gets in the way of successful performance at work (decision-making, personal efficiency, etc.). In the second part, you will learn how to create a physical and psychological environment that increases individual performance and triggers effective and cross-disciplinary teamwork. The third and final part will give you insight and tools to bring about positive collective behavior.

Whether you are a company manager, an employee, or a human resources specialist, Nudge Management contains the tools you need to optimize your work environment and boost employee engagement. Win-win.


Eric Singler is the Managing Director of BVA Group, one of the world's top consulting and research firms. A pioneer in the application of Nudge and Behavioral Science, he is the Chairman of the BVA Nudge Unit and the NudgeFrance think tank. He is also the Managing Director of the consumer goods business PRS IN VIVO. In these capacities, he advises major international companies, as well as public authorities, on how to implement behavioral change strategies for their internal and external stakeholders. He regularly shares his enthusiasm and expertise on these key issues at international conferences and in business schools. Nudge Management is his third book on the Nobel Prize-winning subject (awarded to Richard Thaler in 2017), following Nudge Marketing and Green Nudge.