The Bugarach phenomenon : a breack through myth
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ISBN : 979-10-91506-02-1
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The Bugarach phenomenon

a breack through myth


chez Oeil du sphinx

Collection(s) : Le serpent rouge

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english translation by Emmanuel Thibault | foreword by Yves Lignon | poscript by Philippe Marlin

Quatrième de couverture

A certain 'Mayan Prophecy' recently made of the Bugarach a hottest topic. The 'sacred' mountain could in reality be a sanctuary for escaping the Apocalypse that is scheduled on next December 21ST 2012.

Published after a scholar research on anthropology, this book by Thomas Gottin comes right on time to understand this new myth's genesis and to share with its various actors the motivations of a process, which lead them to come and regenerate in that special area.

Showing respect for the people he interviewed, the author desmonstrates with great thoughtfulness that the Apocalypse, in this case, is not the World Ending one could expect, but that it subtly leaves space for a new awakening, made of reconnection with nature and rediscovery of the major laws of peace and harmony.

Does this 'Bugarach Phenomenon' actually express a reenchanting of the world?

Philippe Marlin