The Council of Europe and Roma
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The Council of Europe and Roma

40 years of action


chez Conseil de l'Europe

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in co-operation with the Roma and travellers division of the Council of Europe

Présentation en anglais

The Council of Europe, after 40 years of activities with Roma, is intensifying its
commitment to monitoring and improving their situation and to involving their
representatives in the creation of the policies which concern them.

This publication, a reference work and an analysis intended to further knowledge
and inspire reflection on the issues, presents a summary of the relevant adopted
texts and activities by placing them in a historical perspective. The facts, all too
often isolated, must be given greater visibility to increase their legibility - beyond
a simple summary - and foster a long-term vision.

Devised to be useful to both political decision makers and to administrative
representatives - at European, national and local levels - and to activists in non-governmental
organisations, this work will interest everyone concerned by the
situation of Roma in Europe.
Une présentation de l'histoire des Roms en Europe et de leur situation actuelle. Les principales politiques européennes les concernant depuis quarante ans sont détaillées, textes réglementaires à l'appui. ©Electre 2019
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Du même auteur : Jean-Pierre Liégeois