The life of a knight : 1171-1252, from Philip Augustus to Saint Louis
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The life of a knight

1171-1252, from Philip Augustus to Saint Louis

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translated from the french by Sally Brown

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The life of a knight 1171-1252

The medieval knight is a familiar figure in spite of the many legends that surround the historical reality.

At the turn of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, while the feudal era was gradually disappearing, obliterated by the assertion of the royal will, men were distinguishing themselves from their contemporaries by their capacity to fight on horseback In a position of strength, they were gradualy assimilated into the ruling class and were the lords of the land.

Young knight bachelor without fortune, Thibaut des Puys de Morsaing would be successful and become a rich landowner. Following in the footsteps of his father, kiled on crusade, and of his godfather Tristan de Maumesnil, he would prove able to seize the opportunities that arose.

The episodes of the life of this fictional character are a pretext for the presentation of material illustrating the social reality of France from Philip Augustus to Saint Louis. So follow in the footsteps of a young ambitions man and enter the world of a knight of eight hundred years ago.

The Time Spy' collection endeavours to present a collection of photographic scenes of historical phenomena representing a precise historical period, by focussing on the fate of a symbolic character. It is direded by Yann Kervran.

A « level 7 » rider and amateur of military history of the end of the 12th century in Europe and the Middle East, Julien Braconnier occasionally contributes to French historical magazines (Histoire Médiévale, Histoire & images Médiévales) A member of the association for historical reenaciments « Fief and Chevalerie », the devotes most of his time to research on equestrion material and practices of the Middie East.

Historical reenactor for more than 15 years, most of this time as president of the « Fief and Chevalerie » Association, Philippe Ghisolfo has endevoured to share his passion for the twelfth and thirteenth centuries through texts (for the Association of Living History, the magazine Histoire Médiévale) or by direct contact with the public.


Formerly chief editor of historical magazines (Histoire Médiévale, Histoire Antique, L'Art de la Guerre, Medieval History Magazine...), Yann Keruran now devotes himself to directing collected works and to writing. A keen reenactor since graduation, he finds he can reconcile his taste for research and his interest for practical use of theoretical knowledge in his passion.