The Normans are landing ! : Hastings, 14th october 1066
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The Normans are landing !

Hastings, 14th october 1066

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english translation Heather Inglis

Quatrième de couverture

There, at a height of one hundred and thirty feet, stretching out over a plateau of a width of over two thousand feet, stood a fortress that was far more formidable than those already seen at Pevensey and Hastings. It was Harold, the King of England's army, in the form of a solid wall of thousands of shields lined up over several ranks. Proudly mounted on his horse, Duke William raised his rod of command.

"Diex aïe!" he cried. "Our time has come fellow Normans, and you - young Arnoul - to face our destiny!"


Join Arnoul, our young 15 year-old Norman, besotted by his lovely Mahaut, to cross the sea in the company of thousands of men and horses, and to head straight for England.

Du même auteur : Gilles Pivard

Du même auteur : Pierre Efratas